Sunday, April 29, 2012

cover yr eyes.

ennio is one of my favorite composers of all time. this is a really great soundtrack to another movie i have yet to see. what is yr favorite ennio record? i know cats out there know this dude, but i think he is a great conversation starter, much like gainsbourg. i feel morricone is name dropped a lot, but i never hear people talk about his music per se. maybe i'm just in with with the out crowd. who knows? anyway, found this one in my travels through seattle. enjoy y'all!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

glory gongs.

three mile pilot were such a ridiculously talented band, & i always felt they were really underrated. even their post break up bands never got the recognition they truly deserved. now that they're back together again, hopefully they will start touring more regularly. this album is one of the best that late nineties san diego had to offer.

the crow returns as the arrow flies north.

matt mondanile (the parasails, ducktails, real estate) channeling gnarled noise rock through kraut sensibilities with thick clouds of smoke enveloping everything. perfect for blaring out of the windows of yr bitchin' 77' thunderbird.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

not even the moon.

tooth ache is an up & coming lady making dark submerged beats that are perfect for nite flights. think zola jesus meets balam acab. i'm going to take a moment out & give a holler out to my main squeeze walking trees & tell y'all to go check that brah's blawg out. he has already posted some really killer shit over thar, & i know he will only be posting more & more as time goes on. this cat's record collection is pretty stellar, & once he starts digitizing them, just look out. anyway, go to & download the night raga series he just posted. i'm listening to it as i type this & it's really really really good. just trust me.

xerox my hand.

sorry carp, i don't have audioflashcard, but i do have this gem. kill me tomorrow were from san diego, & were one of the last really interesting bands to emerge from that city. while signed to gsl, i think they could have just as easily been on skin graft or load. they don't have the same affinity for noise that most of those bands did, but their whole hearted embrace of weirdness reminds me of their providence brethren from the same era. just dark noisy post punk that is perfect for bike rides in nice sunny weather. this is one of the few albums from that era that still captivates my interest the entire way through.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

swear to god snake, i thought you were dead...

the soundtrack to escape from new york has been blowing my mind lately. i think a lot of people write john carpenter off, but he is a beast... not only did he make some killer films, but the soundtracks he did are legit. if you like simonetti, moroder, & hammer, then this will be for you. it also at points sounds like a kraut record, which is pretty great in my humble opinion. reminds me a looot of the work that hammer did for miami vice, but in a whole other category of it's own. much darker, not as slick or neon. for the newjacks reading this, if you dig com truise, then this will be yr jam.

for feq pt. II.

for you good sir, i present 3 & 4 by mr. walker for yr consideration. & if you have found them already, well, here they are for everyone else. hope you enjoyed the first two my friend, i think you'll dig these as well! no. 3 is by far my favorite album from the walker canon, but if you haven't checked out the walker brothers records, you should do yrself a favor & investigate those as well. pretty classique stuff right there. it seems as if everyone is riding this cat's coat tails lately. i see a lot of people describing themselves as sounding like scott walker, which strikes me as extremely odd, but good for scott. he needs all of the attention he can get.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

everyone is my friend.

Still unknown in the West, Ooleya Mint Amartichitt is on her way to becoming the new star of the Mauritanian Griot universe. Her singing blends traditional and modern elements, and is distinguished by an extremely wide vocal range. Today her fame spreads to the Arabic Peninsula where she is called upon to perform, ever filled with the nostalgia of the nomadic times. Intelligent, beautiful, and brilliant, Ooleya Mint Amartichitt sings her poetry surrounded by brothers and sisters completely attentive to her talent. When her rugged yet sophisticated voice mixes with those of her sisters, the effect is almost hallucinogenic. She praises the former dignitaries of her tribe, and those of the Ulad Mubarak, but she also evokes the warriors, the villages, and the encampments of yesteryear before the droughts pushed the tribes south to settle in the region of Ouarchat. - mondomix

one of the most arresting & haunting set of vocals i have ever heard ranking up with my favorite yma sumac. don't sleep on this one, this is a game changer. again, if anyone knows of more records from her, please let me know. i need more of her in my life. includes booklet & cover scans.

young rivers.

OCTAVO plays an evocative instrumental rock, highlighted by sharply contrasting sounds, revealing a new path following in the footsteps of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN. Please note that two members of the latter band appear here: Guigou CHENEVIER and Chris CHANET. Guitar player Guy SAPIN formerly belonged to ENCORE + GRANDE. "Des Pieds Et Des Mains" has been recorded in 1991, then reissued six years later on the Gazul label. Let's also note that "Thème D'Orphée" has been created in October 1990 for the Sam SHEPARD's theatre play "Fool For Love", directed by Philippe GARIN. Did you miss the original version? Don't miss that one ! - amazon

not a whole lot of info floating around about these french cats. released in 91', this reminds me much more of a load meets a gravity record than beefheart, predating the white belt skronk of the late nineties. it also reminds me a little of the first curtains record... actually, this could be a long lost greg saunier album. anyway, this is really fantastic & should be heard by everyone.

miss tambourine wrist.

Mariza Koch (Greek:Μαρίζα Κωχ) is a Greek folk music singer who has recorded many albums since starting her career in 1971.[1] On the wider stage she is best remembered for representing her homeland at the Eurovision Song Contest 1976 with the song Panayia Mou, Panayia Mou. Mariza Koch was born in Athens in 1944 but lived in her mother's hometown in Santorini from a young age.[2] Her father was a German
In an off-beat but original way Mariza Koch began her musical career in 1971 with an album titled "Arabas". It consisted of a collection of traditional Greek folk songs blended with unusual beats from traditional and modern electronic instrumental sounds. One could even term the sound as folk rock. On the other hand Mariza's unique vocals became the center piece of the music which on more than one occasion needed no accompaniment. No matter what one called it, the album was a resounding success. More albums followed with the sound eventually mellowing back into the original folk sounds of the past, where traditional instruments are used in there entirety. Koch's most recent album included elements of traditional Greek music and Jazz Fusion. On 14 March 2010, Alpha TV ranked Koch the 29th top-certified female artist in the nation's phonographic era (since 1960) - some fucked translation of her greek wikipedia page.

mαρίζα kωχ is a greek psyche folk rock sweetheart & this album hails from 71'. her voice took a song or two to resonate with these ol' ears, but when it did it became a soothing balm to heal my soul after a hectic week. i don't think i have ever stumbled across this in my travels through the deep reaches of the wasteland, but if anyone knows of more albums from her, please let me know. this is incredibly great, & y'all should really enjoy this one.

Friday, April 20, 2012

sailing to byzantium.

world renowned actor & dreamboat yves montand makes a beautiful homage to jacques prévert through interpreting his poems into emotionally gripping chansons. if you dig brel, then this will be yr jam.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

marching to the beat of a dada drummer.

found this during my travels through the emerald city. pretty damn good if you ask me. released in 78', & you know it's legit if it came out on smithsonian. i couldn't find this anywhere in the wasteland, so grab it while ya can dooders.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

san francisco sun tans.

growing is one of my favorite drone bands, & these are my two favorite records from them. just really beautiful pastoral drone that takes you away & sends you skyward floating above forests of gorgeous reverb. great for astral traveling if ya catch my drift.

Monday, April 16, 2012

religious photographs.

probably one of my favorite gainsbourg albums, if not my favorite. real solid the entire way through, more in line with traditional sg. i have everything pre 74 from this cat, so if anyone is interested, i'll post more. i know that everyone is familiar with this dude, but sometimes there are albums that are hidden gems in the treasure chest that not everyone might know.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

the wild eye.

the soundtrack for l'occhio selvaggio by gianni marchetti which giallo fever does a pretty great write up on. pretty stellar jams if you dig ferrio, piccioni, umiliani, morricone, & all the greats. my only regret with most of this giallo steez i listen to is most of the films don't make their way stateside, but at least i get to listen to this. i found this at a local store in the used bin, & i'm pretty psyched to share this with y'all, especially flash. this is right up yr alley friend.

stars of track & field are beautiful people.

some jazz in the vein of jaga jazzist, tortoise, & nomo right here for y'all. these young cats are from sweden & have a full length coming soon. check them out, i have really dug them for a few years now, & i think y'all will as well if yr into the chicago school of modern jazz.

Monday, April 9, 2012

dawn treader.

for the cats who haven't heard franco before, here is manna in four parts to survive in the desert with. this post is dedicated to all sonic adventurers, keep yr head up high & burn yr flame brighter to fight the ensuing darkness. most of all, this is dedicated to a man with the heart of a lion who is making his way down south for sunnier climates & friendlier locales. i've only known you a short time, but yr one of the best people i have ever met. i look forward to more 2am nights of spinning yarns & listening to the beautiful sounds of the desert together. best of luck to you in everything that you do. only the most positive of vibes yr way fellow kosmonaut. we'll meet again soon my friend.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

this whole union is a shame.

the leo brothers are the baldwins of indie rock. you have chris leo, who in my opinion is the alec of the group, writing the best songs out of the three of them. then you have danny who is the william... a respectable body of work, but not quite up to par with the older brother. then you have ted leo... i don't really care for that dude outside of chisel. anyway, this is i believe the only album from danny's holy childhood, which is a bit like the lapse with more of a bluesy country twinge to it. just get it, it's a gem.

Monday, April 2, 2012

i will make you mine.

cabaret punk from aaron montaigne (antioch arrow, the chandeliers, heroin). the seven inch is a bit boring where he's just playing drums, but after they got rid of the singer & aaron took over vocals, things got a lot more interesting. they added dave clifford (the vss, slaves/pleasure forever, red sparowes) on drums, & had a fuller more engaging sound. pretty essential if yr into weird records, old vaudevillian tropes, the art of cabaret, or just miss the days of 1999 when people thought it was really kooky for the former frontman of antioch arrow to play in a carnival sideshow band.

prole art threat.

from the ashes of honeywell arose volume eleven like a fire breathing art damaged phoenix. building off of what honeywell was doing while upping the manic factor by ten by incorporating more of the gravity sound & less ebullition, v.11 were a sight to behold. i got to see them once with yapphet kotto at the che in san diego years & years ago... 2000 maybe? 2001? anyway, i still blast this from time to time & it has held up surprisingly well unlike many of the other mid to late nineties hardcore records i really liked back then.

we're on our own wave.

Dave Scher and Jimi Hey, hail from Los Angeles, California, and have known each other since 1995, when a 16 year-old Hey would call Scher’s late-night radio program on KXLU requesting Six Finger Satellite on a repeated basis. This KXLU connection led them to playing music together in Bee Venom and later resulted in the formation of the more psychedelic country-minded Beachwood Sparks. In between leaving the group in ‘97 and rejoining it in 2002, Jimi also turned up in groups such as Strictly Ballroom, Tristeza, Glass Candy and the Shattered Theater, and The Rapture. The two have also moonlighted as members of Lilys. After completing the Beachwood Sparks’ tour of summer 2002, Dave and Jimi joined forces to create All Night Radio, a band in which they could throw off the musical shackles, so to speak. They have dubbed this new sound the “Spirit Stereo Frequency.”

Dave and Jimi spent the past year cultivating and developing their new sound in their living room studio, infusing their new songs with an ever-changing synthesis of traveling sounds from the Natural and Supernatural worlds. With the help of a deranged assortment of modern and primitive equipment, the boys tuned in to the Spirit Stereo Frequency…an Omnichronistic Music Source coming in non-stop, on bandwidth signals from the sun, in a collision of displaced sound styles from the present, past, and

So do tune in, and your molecules will remember the sound of yet to come! - the sub pop website

i don't know about all of that shit. i do know this is the fucking jam, kind of if otc were from LA & got more of the psychic sun & swimming desert in their blood.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

samba sundays.

not too much information floating around the barrens about this gem. bought this a week or two ago while enjoying the little bit of sun we sometimes get, & the cover really intrigued me. this is perfect for sunshine & warmth. you can hear the dirt & grit in these cat's voices. samba is a genre that i'm familiar with, but not enough to gush about who is playing on this album or to even really know who to compare this to. i just dig the hell out of it, & i think y'all will too. also, on a completely unrelated note, has anyone noticed that more & more mediafire accounts are being suspended or purged? it's a real troubling time we live in friends. does anyone know of safer clouds to hang yr hat from? i notice a lot of euros use rapidgator... is that legit? a conversation about this should be had by everyone as i feel it's in the best interest of our community. don't let the inquisition torch yr library without a fight.

wasteoid teenager zones.

this is a couple of years old now, & has been floating around the wasteland foevah, but it's still one of my favorites, & it's my blawg, & imma post what i want. if you dug that grippers album by ferraro that i posted a while ago, but thought to yrself "hey this could be way dancier" then you got it. this is yr sister's sunbaked & warped cassette of jan hammer & yr tripping on dxm while at the mall shopping for a trapper keeper & a casio watch. get with it.

i reckon.

as i have mentioned before, assfactor 4 is one of my all time favorite hardcore bands ever. they just had such an emotional heft & took the best parts of what i liked about san diego & added tons of melody to it, much like palatka & the rest of the bands (think no idea/schematic) from the south did. this is their entire discography. i promise yr going to get super pumped because this is definitely a summer time band.