Thursday, March 22, 2012

les paumés du petit matin.

this is really late in the game for me. i have been listening to yeye & chanson for a real long time now, but i somehow overlooked this dude until a few weeks ago. i'm sure y'all have this one already, but if you don't, then i suggest grabbing this one right quick.


  1. Born in the same country, so yes, familiar, grew up with his music...glad you're discovering.

  2. Brel's gotta be one of the ten best songwriters of the 20th century... so sharp, so funny. My two faves might be "Amsterdam" and "Orly".
    Like a lot of anglophones, I got into him through english-language covers by two of my main favorite voices: Bowie (his cover of Amsterdam is awesome, IMO) and Scott Walker. Walker's various versions of Brel songs might not be as human and emotive as Brel's own, but the man has the golden voice of an angel, or a god, and ultimately, his versions are as beloved to me as any other, and more than most. All bodies should check 'em out if they haven't already, I say.

    Also, if anyone's never seen this, it's the best thing there is:

  3. i might just have to post my walker records for those cats out there who haven't been hipped.

  4. Then again, as a non- anglophone, i've never heard of Scot Walker.
    Guess i need to check that out...

  5. By the way, have any of you ever heard the versions performed by Lisbeth List? She did those in Dutch as in English as well.

    I'll rip the dutch version lp for you, as soon i get my copy back (I've lent it out).