Monday, March 5, 2012

sperm ridden burden.

roadside monument were always a terribly under appreciated band. they always got stuck with the stigma of being on tooth and nail, which profoundly impacted people's opinions of them, and also the fact that they were always considered an "emo" band versus what they were really were, a louisville band birthed in the wrong city at the wrong time. the pacific north west never was and still isn't ready for the emotional catharsis that is inherent in their music. and if this seems like overblown praise, wait till you hear the release in sunken anchor. i got into this band because of their prior band, mr. bishop's fist was featured on the helpless amongst friends comp, and i really dug the chunky mid nineties hardcore they were playing. then i bought eight hours away from being a man and was instantly hooked by sperm ridden burden because at fifteen in 1997 i was really into ebullition, mountain coop, shit like that. i never got the chance to see them... i'm not sure why. i was constantly going to shows at the time, maybe they just never came down? anyway, this album remains one of my favorites to this day. jonathan ford's bass parts are probably the best thing about this album, but the guitar and drums... i take that back everything about this album is perfect. it is one of the few records i can play the entire way through over and over again and never get tired of it. i also included i am the day of current taste, which is way more angular and just as good but different. trust me, you'll be thanking me later for this one.

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