Sunday, March 25, 2012

fall on proverb.

i saw these brahs in the mid two thousands two or three times a month for a good six month stretch. they were the most exciting thing happening in hardcore at the time for me having moved from southern california & getting bummed at the way that every band wanted to sound like terror or hatebreed. i went to to see holy roman empire & ended up only catching not enough gold's set. i knew i was in love when they closed their set with unbroken's fall on proverb. they took the best parts of the hope conspiracy & married them with unbroken. their singer was this asian guy who was super fashionable, & he always had the nicest shoes. anyway, they broke up shortly before i left chicago as did tower of rome who i'll do a post about soon. i felt that it was kind of a sign that maybe my time in chicago was up. anyway, this is for you dudes who still like to bedroom mosh.

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