Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hermanos tejanos

Hola amigos, hermano ryan (this one's for you, buddy). Though having listened to lots of Lydia Mendoza, I wasn't properly acquainted with the Tejano movement, when a lastfm friend (you'll find my page in my profile, if yer interested) brought in the term. Then I recalled Conjunto Bernal, which is arguably considered -- as I'd discover later -- the best Tejano Conjunto, delivered here for your pleasure.

Whilst I can't tell exactly what defines Tejano nowadays, those early records certainly had something going on. I find many similarities between Mexican and Brazilian music, specifically countryside-wise, and that explains a little why I feel such a deep empathy for that country and its culture.

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the age of the shrug vol. II

the second volume of my split mixtape series with my brother. cop it if you were into the last one or my mountaineering mix. see you amongst the trees amigos.


Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time of the Sea / Sun

There was a time when I considered myself a hardcore Boredoms fan -- as well as with Noise and its variants in general. And while they still are one of my favorite bands, it kinda seems that one day* we both realized we've had grown up. Their lack of releases, aside the Super Roots EPs (only own the first), and my need for more structured music might explain it as well.

Seadrum/House of Sun is listed as their last release, and not exactly a fan favorite. Many will recommend Super Æ or Vision Creation Newsun over it, but there's something I find really appealling in this record. To me, it sounds more laid back, sincere and texture-focused than the others. More or less like a celebration for what they've had achieved, and in that way it does sound like a proper farewell, even if uncalled for.

* 77Boadrum, perhaps

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Monday, September 16, 2013

Jamming the Norwegian woods

Long before having full-time internet access, I used to spend a lot of time searching for new music in the discount bins of big record stores. Sometimes, after stacks of forgettable stuff, I'd stumble upon a couple of interesting CDs at a very low price. This was one of those.

Even nowadays I wonder how or why this album managed to be released here, by a unknown, maybe defunct label. It's basically a straightforward jam session with three Norwegian musicians, therefore, you can expect something in the likes of Jaga Jazzist and Xploding Plastix, albeit in a much more organic shape.

Well, I was and still am crazy into Rhodes piano, so anyone who shares the same appreciation shall find great pleasure in this release.

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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rivers that keep A-flowin'

Well then, Rio is quite nice indeed, if you've been wondering. Its architecture is fascinating and diverse, but for me, its natural features are much more overwhelmingly beautiful -- no city will ever be a match for the beauty of the sea.

That said, one thing that particularly moved me was listening to Samba in its natural habitat. Even though it was in a fancy Art-related party, and there were no black musicians in the band, it still felt just right -- we've had free booze and snacks too, I must add. And when they asked the audience what the final encore should be, my gf and a friend yelled "Paulinho da Viola!" (they were aware I was a big fan of him), then the band gladly played one of his most famous songs, which is also the title of this album. Perfect.

Paulinho da Viola (viola is a popular way to say "classical guitar" in Brazil) is nothing less than a living heritage and one of the chillest guys in Rio. There are no words, in quality or quantity, which make justice to him, even in Portuguese. All I could do was my best in trying to translate the most recognizable part of the song:

A river that flowed alongside my life
and my heart let itself be carried by 

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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Like Rio de Janeiro in winter

This is a quick post, as I finish the preparations for my first trip to Rio de Janeiro. A tad late, I know -- I'm almost 30 --, but I shouldn't bore you with the reasons. I'm quite sure it's a beautiful city, though I'll probably won't enjoy the beaches as much as I imagine, since it's winter down here (hence the album and title choice for today).

Telebossa is a fairly new Brazilian-German duo which amalgamates samba, bossa-nova, classical and electronic music with keen sensibility and a good dose of melancholy. While this kind of experimentation itself isn't quite novel, this is one of the only albums I really recommend. In fact, I can't recommend it enough.

(please support, if you like it)

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Monday, September 2, 2013

Mosrites mos def (ughh)

From all the artists I've "inherited" from my old man*, the Ventures are one of the most dearest. Many years would pass until I'd be familiar with the expression "big in Japan", which can't possibly suit them better, so I always thought they were actually a Japanese band. And they sure were and still are big in that Island, enticing thousands of young and elder Eleki fans to sold-out gigs. Even the sleek Mosrite guitars are object of praise among the avid, spring reverberated, Japanese tremolo-pickers.

I've mentioned earlier Baden's Live in Paris as one of the best live albums ever recorded. Put this one on that list too, this concert is tight as fuck. And the funniest thing is to realise how today's concerts are more about circus monkeys than real performers. I mean, just look at this fellas:


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*bonus fact - he actually played the drums in a surf music band here in Brazil.