Thursday, October 31, 2013

the age of the shrug vol. III

here is vol III for y'all. much dancier than the previous installments. perfect for halloween parties tonight! & not trying to boast, but my side is probably in my top ten mixes i have ever made. straight up bangerz sun.

seymour glass

ps this is spookcity's 300th post! thanks for sticking around for so long!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

a ghost is born.

i'm going to take this post to address a few things.

a) lou reed passing is a deep deep blow. his music was incendiary & the feeling it exuded was sheer coolness. i don't wanna ramble for too long because everyone is feeling the same exact way as me right now & there are a lot of people talking about it. it's just a bummer ya know?

b) john cameron's psychomania is a dreamily reverbed out biker rock soundtrack. if yr into stone or werewolves on wheels then this will be right up yr alley.

c) i will be posting a little more frequently now that the weather has turned gray outside up here. i have some great gems hidden up my sleeve, so stay posted.

d) if you ever look at the right bar, you might notice warped sounds which is my cassette review blog that i run with my brother. if you want yr cassette reviewed, write me!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

East meets (Middle) East

Sup guys, sorry again for the lack of posts. In a blogger's block, I guess. Well, I figure most readers here are acquainted with Tuvan undertone singing and its wonders. And while I could post something from more traditional acts, like Chirgilchin or Huur Huun Tuur, I preferred Sedaa for its Persian blend. "Blend" probably isn't the most appropriate word to address religion in Middle East, but it better demonstrates my fascination at it. Zoroastrianism in Iran (Persia), Buddhism in Afghanistan, Orthodox Christianity in Turkey... there is so much beyond Jewish-Islamic "dualism" to learn and appreciate, and music sure is a good starting point.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Saturday morning anime

I find very interesting how natural avant-garde music evolved in Japan, to the point where it seems to coexist quite harmoniously with the country's mainstream -- as well as the no-so-mainstream -- culture. This record by Otomo Yoshihide (Ground Zero, New Jazz Ensemble, bazillion of other projects) is a good example.

While not the most well-known anime soundtrack composer, Takeo Yamashita's work on widely popular Lupin the 3rd series was enough to grant him a timeless fanbase (Otomo included). In addition to that, guest vocalist Charlie Kosei also contributed to the lovely Katamary Damancy's (a PS2 game) soundtrack.

As for the record itself, while it isn't the most experimental stuff you'll hear from Otomo -- more jazz-focused --, it's a solid addition to his discography.

pw: spooked

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Free From Jazz

Seb Rochford is one of my top drummers alive, not only because of his drumming, which is quite awesome, but for his side projects as well. Amongst them are Acoustic Ladyland -- probably the most well-known, and my least favorite one --, Polar Bear -- serious quality jazz -- and Fulborn Teversham. It's comprised by an unusual drum-sax-synth combo, seasoned with Alice Grant's lovely vocals.

Quirky, ingenious, mindblowing album. Thanks for reminding me of it, guys!

pw: spooked