Monday, October 14, 2013

Saturday morning anime

I find very interesting how natural avant-garde music evolved in Japan, to the point where it seems to coexist quite harmoniously with the country's mainstream -- as well as the no-so-mainstream -- culture. This record by Otomo Yoshihide (Ground Zero, New Jazz Ensemble, bazillion of other projects) is a good example.

While not the most well-known anime soundtrack composer, Takeo Yamashita's work on widely popular Lupin the 3rd series was enough to grant him a timeless fanbase (Otomo included). In addition to that, guest vocalist Charlie Kosei also contributed to the lovely Katamary Damancy's (a PS2 game) soundtrack.

As for the record itself, while it isn't the most experimental stuff you'll hear from Otomo -- more jazz-focused --, it's a solid addition to his discography.

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