Monday, May 19, 2014

What the duck

I miss playing in a band. Despite having been part of quite a few, rarely I felt 100% satisfied with any of them, whether technically, artistically, financially (lol) etc. Fact is, I've always been kind of a draconian band leader (not by choice) and a lazy band member. Despite that, I've quite never met the musical match to inspire me to make things working -- actually there is only one chap whose musicianship I truly admired, and as maybe he'll read this, please take my compliment for granted.

This band, for instance, looks like a great band to be part of, whether you're playing on it or not. It's like you're watching them jamming with affordable instruments in some basement while drinking cheap beer and eating doritos. Regardless, it sounds like real good and catchy music, yet not the kind that will make into Girls or some cool TV ad. Their second album is availabe at Bandcamp.

pw: spooked

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Monday, May 12, 2014

a lonely day in selma, alabama.

the follow up to that pacific album i posted a while ago. i love this & anything hosono touches. not as immediate as pacific is, it'll definitely grow on you.

ps if you didn't already, download pacific now!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

getting the drop.

"Bringing together two of Finders Keepers leading artists, longtime critical favourites and out-and-out pioneers of the French conceptual rock scene that we at FK HQ often refer to as the No-No years, Cacophonic are proud to present this rare collaboration between Jean-Claude Vannier and Michel Magne along with pianist Martial Solal for the pioneering Electrode album from 1967. As the creators of the albums that launched both our Finders Keepers and Cacophonic labels respectively it is plain to see how this early LP represents a historic keystone in our precious roster. Electrode also documents the first professional job as an album arranger for the young Vannier, working under two of his heroes, at the tender age of twenty four (some five years before he cemented his relationship with Serge Gainsbourg providing the music for the celebrated Histoire De Melody Nelson). Marking the earliest example of Vannier’s evident penchant for ethnic influenced string arrangements (inspired by his early studio work with Algerian musicians) Electrode elaborate introductions drawn comparisons to the orchestral elements in the Don Cherry/Ronald Frangipane score for Jodorowsky’s Holy Mountain – complete with its fervent anti-pop overtones. This one-off patchwork arrangement of brooding cinematic flair, anti-concrete soundscapes and free jazz piano flirtations represents each of these important artists in equal proportions and serves as a direct meeting of Vannier’s L’Enfant Assassin Des Mouches (FKR001) and Magne’s Musique Tachiste (1CACK) with the privileged inclusion of one of France’s most lauded jazz pianists – a mantle shared only, in our opinion, by Francois Tusques. An essential prototypal release for our expanding Cacophonic label Electrode exposes yet another side of off kilter European free music continuing to prove to the die hard skronkophobiacs that jazz is not a four letter word." - boomkat

just three words. jean-claude vannier. yr downloading.

Monday, May 5, 2014

meditations on a pair of wire cutters.

been meaning to post this for ages, actually since i wrote about it on my tape blog. then other records came along & this got shoved to the back. well, no longer friends. this is by far my favorite carpenter film, & my favorite soundtrack from him as well. heavy ominous synths abound on this one.