Monday, May 19, 2014

What the duck

I miss playing in a band. Despite having been part of quite a few, rarely I felt 100% satisfied with any of them, whether technically, artistically, financially (lol) etc. Fact is, I've always been kind of a draconian band leader (not by choice) and a lazy band member. Despite that, I've quite never met the musical match to inspire me to make things working -- actually there is only one chap whose musicianship I truly admired, and as maybe he'll read this, please take my compliment for granted.

This band, for instance, looks like a great band to be part of, whether you're playing on it or not. It's like you're watching them jamming with affordable instruments in some basement while drinking cheap beer and eating doritos. Regardless, it sounds like real good and catchy music, yet not the kind that will make into Girls or some cool TV ad. Their second album is availabe at Bandcamp.

pw: spooked

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