Sunday, September 29, 2013

Hermanos tejanos

Hola amigos, hermano ryan (this one's for you, buddy). Though having listened to lots of Lydia Mendoza, I wasn't properly acquainted with the Tejano movement, when a lastfm friend (you'll find my page in my profile, if yer interested) brought in the term. Then I recalled Conjunto Bernal, which is arguably considered -- as I'd discover later -- the best Tejano Conjunto, delivered here for your pleasure.

Whilst I can't tell exactly what defines Tejano nowadays, those early records certainly had something going on. I find many similarities between Mexican and Brazilian music, specifically countryside-wise, and that explains a little why I feel such a deep empathy for that country and its culture.

pw: spooked


  1. utterly fantastique amigo! i had been hoping you'd share this one soon!!! many many many thanks!!!!!