Monday, September 2, 2013

Mosrites mos def (ughh)

From all the artists I've "inherited" from my old man*, the Ventures are one of the most dearest. Many years would pass until I'd be familiar with the expression "big in Japan", which can't possibly suit them better, so I always thought they were actually a Japanese band. And they sure were and still are big in that Island, enticing thousands of young and elder Eleki fans to sold-out gigs. Even the sleek Mosrite guitars are object of praise among the avid, spring reverberated, Japanese tremolo-pickers.

I've mentioned earlier Baden's Live in Paris as one of the best live albums ever recorded. Put this one on that list too, this concert is tight as fuck. And the funniest thing is to realise how today's concerts are more about circus monkeys than real performers. I mean, just look at this fellas:


pw: spooked

*bonus fact - he actually played the drums in a surf music band here in Brazil.


  1. sick selection!
    tight as fuck indeed

    keep up the good work

  2. Mhm. It's undeniable, The Ventures were in top form that night. It's just that inane mc, stepping in to explain the music between each number that just spoils the record for me. Kinda really makes you want to apply a wakizashi to his gurgler after a while.

    1. heh, I can't blame you. he sounds one of those kid's party animators. curiously, there's no sign of him in the "beloved invaders" documentary: