Thursday, September 5, 2013

Like Rio de Janeiro in winter

This is a quick post, as I finish the preparations for my first trip to Rio de Janeiro. A tad late, I know -- I'm almost 30 --, but I shouldn't bore you with the reasons. I'm quite sure it's a beautiful city, though I'll probably won't enjoy the beaches as much as I imagine, since it's winter down here (hence the album and title choice for today).

Telebossa is a fairly new Brazilian-German duo which amalgamates samba, bossa-nova, classical and electronic music with keen sensibility and a good dose of melancholy. While this kind of experimentation itself isn't quite novel, this is one of the only albums I really recommend. In fact, I can't recommend it enough.

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pw: spooked


  1. Digging yr blog! Congrats!!!
    Have fun in Rio. If u come to São Paulo, I'll play at the reopening of Riviera Bar (famous 60s pub)

    1. thanks, and I dig your musicI as well! I actually live kinda near Riviera Bar hehe, when will the reopening take place?