Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rivers that keep A-flowin'

Well then, Rio is quite nice indeed, if you've been wondering. Its architecture is fascinating and diverse, but for me, its natural features are much more overwhelmingly beautiful -- no city will ever be a match for the beauty of the sea.

That said, one thing that particularly moved me was listening to Samba in its natural habitat. Even though it was in a fancy Art-related party, and there were no black musicians in the band, it still felt just right -- we've had free booze and snacks too, I must add. And when they asked the audience what the final encore should be, my gf and a friend yelled "Paulinho da Viola!" (they were aware I was a big fan of him), then the band gladly played one of his most famous songs, which is also the title of this album. Perfect.

Paulinho da Viola (viola is a popular way to say "classical guitar" in Brazil) is nothing less than a living heritage and one of the chillest guys in Rio. There are no words, in quality or quantity, which make justice to him, even in Portuguese. All I could do was my best in trying to translate the most recognizable part of the song:

A river that flowed alongside my life
and my heart let itself be carried by 

pw: spooked

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