Monday, March 19, 2012

goodbye surfing, hello god.

the beach boys are tied with the smiths as my favorite band of all time. i feel they are put down by snobby condescending people as that kokomo band, or even worse people only remember them as that kokomo band. i think the greatest travesty of it all though is when those pitchfork hipster assholes who name drop the beach boys are asked what their favorite song or album is, & it's always pet sounds. don't get me wrong, pet sounds is one of the most creative & beautful albums ever put to tape, but they have such a wide career! granted, i don't listen to anything after friends, but brian wilson is the reason i listen to the beach boys. he is single handedly the greatest songwriter of all time. anyway, this is my mix of pre-pet sounds material, picking all of my favorite tunes from them. ps mike love is a motherfucker who deserved to die 45 years ago, & still deserves to die now. don't besmirch the good name of brian wilson for a few bucks you money hungry no talent ass clown.


  1. Yo! If you've never found the love in the best tracks from 20/20, Sunflower, or Surf's Up then you are missing out on some of the cream of the post-Pet Sounds crop! Even Holland and Carl&The Passions, etc. have some great tracks from Dennis Wilson, and Love You has some merit. Plus there is always the majesty of Pacific Ocean Blue, as I'm sure you know.

  2. Here's a DL of the Land Locked bootleg, if you haven't heard it. So nice!

  3. Pacific ocean blue is up there in my top fifteen favorite albums. I gave it to an older co-worker a couple years back, & she came back the next day & hugged me with tears in her eyes. she said it was one of the most sad yet beautiful albums she had ever heard. & thanks for the land locked bootleg, i had never heard that before, & yr absolutely correct, it's extremely nice. thank you good sir.