Thursday, March 1, 2012

the present as future.

subpoena the past is probably my favorite sonny kay band other than the vss. the conjure itch 12" is really dubby spaced out post punk awesomeness, while the this year's eclipse ep is more glitchy & dark. if you have any interest in gsl/gravity/ type bands, then this will be right up yr alleyway.


  1. thank you so much. i have been searching in vain for subpoena the past for a long time. this rules. you wouldn't happen to also have the 'audioflashcard' comp as well?

  2. i don't know if i do man, but i'll take a look for you. glad you enjoyed the stp. how did you stumble across the blog? also, you should check out that octavo post i did, i think you'd dig it.

  3. found you via a link off of flash strap. which i found off somewhere else, which i found off... and so on and so on. i used to have the stp stuff awhile ago but lost it with a computer crash. sonny kay is amazing.

    and actually i had grabbed the octavo at the same time as stp. will check out post haste.