Wednesday, March 7, 2012

walking on water.

“This is an excellent reissue of 78s first recorded from 1929 to 1951 in France of Franco-Creole Biguines from Martinique. This CD issue contains a generous 23 selections (9 more than the 1988 LP issue). There is a similarity to some of the calypso and New Orleans jazz of the same era, but Martinique has its own sound, rooted in the rhythms of its indigenous dance, the biguine. This music was recorded by Martiniquans living in Paris on major labels of the era. The premier musicians were Alexandre Stellio on clarinet, Ernest Leardée on violin, and trombonist Archange St. Hillaire who performed together and fronted their own groups. This is a pleasing collection of exciting Caribbean music (my mother, who grew up dancing to beguines [Spanish spelling] in her native Virgin Islands, loves it too!) that never has failed to lift my spirits.”

-Kerry Blech

another great find from yesterday's exploits. moving from the south i'm not used to all of this cold weather, so i've been searching out warm blooded music & this is just what i needed. kick out the jams!

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