Monday, April 9, 2012

dawn treader.

for the cats who haven't heard franco before, here is manna in four parts to survive in the desert with. this post is dedicated to all sonic adventurers, keep yr head up high & burn yr flame brighter to fight the ensuing darkness. most of all, this is dedicated to a man with the heart of a lion who is making his way down south for sunnier climates & friendlier locales. i've only known you a short time, but yr one of the best people i have ever met. i look forward to more 2am nights of spinning yarns & listening to the beautiful sounds of the desert together. best of luck to you in everything that you do. only the most positive of vibes yr way fellow kosmonaut. we'll meet again soon my friend.


  1. ahoy from roseburg, or! got a late start today. redwoods tomorrow! i'm scooping up more ish from motel 6's free wifi from ya. thanks for the kind words amigo, indeed our time was too short. me thinks you should come down ala bay area. and not just for a visit...

  2. i will be booking my flight soon buddy! seriously, have some couch space ready in june, you will be seeing my face awfully soon. & of course, everything is true. yr a real genuine human being, & i'm psyched to hang out again soon! now post those goddamn records!