Sunday, April 22, 2012

swear to god snake, i thought you were dead...

the soundtrack to escape from new york has been blowing my mind lately. i think a lot of people write john carpenter off, but he is a beast... not only did he make some killer films, but the soundtracks he did are legit. if you like simonetti, moroder, & hammer, then this will be for you. it also at points sounds like a kraut record, which is pretty great in my humble opinion. reminds me a looot of the work that hammer did for miami vice, but in a whole other category of it's own. much darker, not as slick or neon. for the newjacks reading this, if you dig com truise, then this will be yr jam.


  1. diggin this one and also: the new layout is nice indeed

    thanks man

  2. yr welcome duder! & i'm glad you like it. i listen to this a whole lot. & thanks for the kind words. i'm still playing around with how things look. it just was way too boring for my taste.