Sunday, April 1, 2012

samba sundays.

not too much information floating around the barrens about this gem. bought this a week or two ago while enjoying the little bit of sun we sometimes get, & the cover really intrigued me. this is perfect for sunshine & warmth. you can hear the dirt & grit in these cat's voices. samba is a genre that i'm familiar with, but not enough to gush about who is playing on this album or to even really know who to compare this to. i just dig the hell out of it, & i think y'all will too. also, on a completely unrelated note, has anyone noticed that more & more mediafire accounts are being suspended or purged? it's a real troubling time we live in friends. does anyone know of safer clouds to hang yr hat from? i notice a lot of euros use rapidgator... is that legit? a conversation about this should be had by everyone as i feel it's in the best interest of our community. don't let the inquisition torch yr library without a fight.

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