Sunday, April 22, 2012

for feq pt. II.

for you good sir, i present 3 & 4 by mr. walker for yr consideration. & if you have found them already, well, here they are for everyone else. hope you enjoyed the first two my friend, i think you'll dig these as well! no. 3 is by far my favorite album from the walker canon, but if you haven't checked out the walker brothers records, you should do yrself a favor & investigate those as well. pretty classique stuff right there. it seems as if everyone is riding this cat's coat tails lately. i see a lot of people describing themselves as sounding like scott walker, which strikes me as extremely odd, but good for scott. he needs all of the attention he can get.


  1. If you've never heard the Scott material from Nite Flights, or the two tracks he did with Goran Bregovich:

    Scott 4 is a God-Level Masterpiece

  2. Thanks burntout-one, but someone has already been so kind to introduce me to 3 & 4 and more. There it was in a flash...

    It seems i've been a bit absent lately, but hey, here i am :)

  3. glad top see you around the watering hole again sir. & of course flash beat me to it. he is a god amongst men. & here he is dropping knowledge again. thanks buddy!