Saturday, April 21, 2012

young rivers.

OCTAVO plays an evocative instrumental rock, highlighted by sharply contrasting sounds, revealing a new path following in the footsteps of CAPTAIN BEEFHEART and ETRON FOU LELOUBLAN. Please note that two members of the latter band appear here: Guigou CHENEVIER and Chris CHANET. Guitar player Guy SAPIN formerly belonged to ENCORE + GRANDE. "Des Pieds Et Des Mains" has been recorded in 1991, then reissued six years later on the Gazul label. Let's also note that "Thème D'Orphée" has been created in October 1990 for the Sam SHEPARD's theatre play "Fool For Love", directed by Philippe GARIN. Did you miss the original version? Don't miss that one ! - amazon

not a whole lot of info floating around about these french cats. released in 91', this reminds me much more of a load meets a gravity record than beefheart, predating the white belt skronk of the late nineties. it also reminds me a little of the first curtains record... actually, this could be a long lost greg saunier album. anyway, this is really fantastic & should be heard by everyone.

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