Friday, January 2, 2015

we would be building.

in the spirit of cleaning out, here is one of my favorites. not sure where i got this from, maybe bruno? anywho, great summery breezy hanging out on the beach drinking an ultimate hurricane & flying through the clouds vibes abound on this gem. perfect nostrum to this miserable gray weather we're having today in seattle.


  1. it wasn't from me, bruh, but coincidentally there was a concert celebrating joão donato's 80th birthday, with a revamped band, last year. and they've played exactly this record (which turned 40 in that year).

  2. were you able to attend? that sounds absolutely sublime.

  3. unfortunately, no... found out about it a little too late. besides, I'm growing tired of attending to concerts. people are too noisy and hipsterism is all around these days. I'm mostly better at home listening to vinyl and drinking some single-malt