Friday, January 2, 2015

hymn for the sun.

a great way to start out the new year with some fiery soul jazz. the david lee jr song is a gem.


  1. Thanks for for your excellent blog and shares. I'm looking forward to this one but unfortunately the first song on CD 1 is missing. Thank you .

  2. Hey Anon - Our dipshit host, burntoutsavannahs did NOT forget track one. Instead the dummy has the track listing all wrong - putting track one as track 2. And track four from disc one is in the disc 2 list. A total fuckup with the added bonus of a dot on the end of the folder making the archive unreadable unless you know how to fix it. How about you go HERE:

    Black Fire! New Spirits! Radical and Revolutionary Jazz In The USA 1957-1982 (2014) @320

    I shore cain't wait fer our esteemed host to be able to operate one of these heeyah compooters so the rest of us ain't gonna suffah no moh.

  3. no need for trolling, man. just reply, share the info or keep it to yourself. btw this "dot" issue you've been complaining about so keenly doesn't affect me -- and other windows users here as far I can tell -- as well.

    I'm disabling anon commenting for now. sick of selected anon taking music sharing for granted and not acting like a decent dude.

  4. Thanks to Lucky and your blog being included on his blog roll I discovered your home. Thanks for the shares. This one here looks like a fun compilation - regardless of having a dotted folder or not. I'm enjoying what I hear. Actually, and just as a sidenote, the track "Angela's Angel" is taken from Moncur's LP on the JCOA label, "Echoes of Prayer" - a record that has never made it into the digital format officially. Thank you!

  5. Peace and Love. Thanks for sharing!!