Friday, January 9, 2015

Stars ever-dimming

This was supposed to be a inspirational gift for our friend and host Ryan, but the latest happenings made me want to extend this blessing to whoever needs it

David Darling isn't a ethnomusicologist per se, and I'm sure this record doesn't quite qualify as true Ethno due to his arrangements and cello additions. However, the polyphonic chants of the Bunun, a Taiwanese tribe, echo magnificently. If there's hope yet to be found in this ever rotting world, ceiled by ever dimming stars, it creeps around woods, deserts, mountains and islands untouched, sovereign reign of animist gods.

If you fancy buying

pw: spooked


  1. Just a general note of thanks & your musical choices on offer here, litle gifts for the day...

    1. while I'm not nearly as prolific as our main host, I'll gladly take your compliments

    2. but yr choices are always top notch amigo!