Friday, January 16, 2015

night is still there.

my main man morricone killing it on this one. as you can tell from the cover it's all warm woodwinds & beguiling strings. absolute gem of a jam.


  1. no problem man, always glad to share some morricone with folks!

  2. i cannot get enough of this. the same song in different styles. it takes me away to where i can fool myself im in a giallo film, driving in the countryside with a case of J&B in the trunk to an semi-rundown estate for some trouble. booze, death and boobs. my ideal natural cycle of life. thank you!!!!

  3. it's crazy how much ennio can make out of one theme ya know? & then you have soundtracks like diabolik (which is my fav, & has more variety in songs) or you have shit like the mission. dude is so goddamn talented it hurts! :)