Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lloyd Miller, Dr. and wheatgrass juice advocate

I could spend a considerable amount of time writing about Dr. Lloyd Miller and many of his anecdotes, like the time he was scheduled to play at Woodstock but didn't make it due to helicopter logistics -- he was paid, though --, and his rant on E natural, but what for? The brah is a fucking living legend, having devoted his entire life to eastern music, particularly Persian -- from where the "Dr." came. Devotion is such that he completely despises any "modern" genres such as Rock, Hip-Hop, Electronic, etc, despite having recorded with The Heliocentrics in 2010 (terrific album, btw). A well-deserved statement for someone who, it's said, can play close to a hundred of different instruments. This treat -- which is not the East-West release -- is an early compilation of several singles and EPs. We salute you, doc.

pw: spooked


  1. Thanks a lot for this.Very nice indeed (and more appealing than the Heliocentrics album - maybe age and poor sound quality make it more "mysterious" ?)

  2. glad you liked it. yeah, the lo-finess definitely gives a special flavour to it, not mentioning the vast variety of spices. actually, don't know the hell why, I only had half of the tracks in this compilation and didn't notice until I decided to post it. it took a while to find the other half but boy, how could I've missed all those Asian tunes?