Monday, July 1, 2013

Home is the farthest place from home

Choosing the first post was though, but I thought it would be nice to honour my Braziland -- nothing to do with football, I swear. Y'all probably have read something about the protests bursting around here, after a long democratic slumber. Without getting too much in-depth, the greatest victory was, indeed, actually going out to the streets and claiming the right to do so. It wasn't always like this until recently, tough.

Fernando Falcão was an active voice against the military regime, which lasted from 1964 to 1985. And like many of other libertarian artists, like Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil, he was forced to seek exile in another country. He chose France, where he eventually met his wife and made a life for himself. It was also the place where he recorded Memória das Águas (Water Recollections) along with dozens of excellent musicians (ryan and fellow Blacklodgers will probably recognize Raymond Guiot from Jazz Baroque Quintet). An absolute masterpiece on percussion and mood building.

The urge to write a long(er) essay about the album -- and how unfair history has treated it -- is almost unbearable. Just hear it for yourselves, guys.

oh, I've added a password in the mediafire link: spooked. Won't hurt being extra careful these days eh


  1. Hi there - MF already blocked the content of your link... Spooky indeed

  2. thanks man, it was the "" thing. fixed

  3. thanks, man. it was the anonymous link thing. fixed.

  4. This is fantastic – thanks.

  5. glad to hear, brethren. show it to as many as you can, maybe we can get a rerelease someday.