Saturday, July 20, 2013

From Merrie Melodies to Basslines Generators

Sorry for the delay, chaps, this week's been a busy one. As a compensation, I'll share the fantastic collection of bleeps and bloops by the maestro Raymond Scott. He was to radio what -- ryan's and our beloved -- Suzanne Ciani was to television, composing many tracks using only LFOASDR in all its glory, promoting analog synthesizers while contributing to its development as well.  

His Jazz work is excellent too. Perhaps I'll post it here eventually.

Oh, one of his sons recently finished a documentary on his life, which I'm eager to watch. Buy the DVD, kids.

One more thing, the title song is arguably one of the most lovely tunes created on a sequencer.

part one
part two
pw: spooked (added in the zip file too)


  1. anyone have problems with these files at all? i downloaded them and couldn't get them to open, even with the password. thoughts?


    p.s. welcome and cheers for some excellent looking material so far.

    1. hello chris, thanks for the welcome. that's odd, it should run on winzip, 7zip -- on which I generated the files -- etc (can't say which program on Mac). you only need to extract the first file, the second goes automatically.
      if anyone else is having the same problem, please leave a comment so I can fix it.

      * I really need to improve my proofreading

  2. Howdy. I'm having problems too. they download as and 002.
    Tried zipeg and archive utility. neither program will extract. any hints?

    1. shoot! as you seem to be a mac user, I suggest you checking out the 7zip alternatives for osX, such as keka (I remember using it and it seemed a good piece of software)
      give a shout if it works (or not)