Friday, November 9, 2012


i bought this cassette fairly recently, & it hasn't left my tape deck since. i probably listen to this at least four or five times a day the entire way through. vangelis is absolutely in top form on this one. although never having traveled to china before 1979, he took it upon himself to use the full array of his synth wizadry to construct beautiful washes of soft sound inflected with "far east" sounds. there are few moments of tension to build up the more contemplative moments to make it that more effective of a whole album to listen to. don't skip any tracks or otherwise yr missing out boss on all these subtle nuances like subaquatic bass notes pushing up against synth swells. a fucking rager right here.

ps not that y'all care about shit like this, but of course this is in glorious 320 to capture the full spectrum of sounds.

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