Monday, November 19, 2012

n-sub ulysses.

Jay Richford & Gary Stevan (aka Stefano Torossi).  Exact reissue of the beyond rare Carosello release.  A delightful and cinematic groovy crime-jazz-funk album filled with breaks & beats,  deep bass,  electric piano, flutes, horn stabs, Wah-Wah guitars & exquisite string arrangements reminiscent of Nino Nardini/ Roger Roger’s Stringtonic’s mindbenders but also Janko Nilovic at his best. Definitely one of the holy grails of library music. - golden pavilion records

i don't know if flash ever posted this, i don't remember if he did or didn't, not trying to step on toes. & i know this isn't terribly original amongst the internet's trilluminati, but hey, i've been listening to this record a lot lately, & maybe some new faces will be turned on by this gem. real fucking groovy shit right here. perfect for sunday trips if yr pickin' up what i'm puttin' down.


  1. Don't worry about toes, brother. I've never posted this, but even if I had I wouldn't mind-- nor, in my opinion, would I have the right to mind. It's all about spreadin' the gospel.

    I like this one a lot, but it does fall short of excellence on some fronts. It does sound a lot like Stringsonics, though, which is always welcome. "Walking in the Dark" is great.

  2. i agree. it's not the greatest thing i've ever heard, but real solid ya know? i like to listen to this right after popera cosmic.