Wednesday, November 7, 2012

the sound of jazz to come.

library music has become a strong obsession of mine over the last few months now, and this is a fucking classique of the genre. anyone wanna hook a brother up with those sweet grm reish's comin out? i already have the parmegiani record. flash, ghostcap & owl, i'm lookin yr way my dudes.


  1. from egisto machi you can probably find links for "bioritmi", "futurismo", and "sei voci" without much difficulty. The one I can't seem to locate however, is "città notte" - the one with that exquisite track "lampare" on it - please let us know when you get lucky!

  2. i have all of those, but i don't think i have citta notte. i will most gladly share if & when i stumble upon it. have you heard the grm re-issues yet? the parmegiani record is stunning, & the malec record is academic but great. maybe i'll post the parmegiani. we'll see.