Thursday, June 14, 2012


just saw this movie a week ago. holy fuck what a mind warping experience that was. it has led me to explore other asian movies & develop a deep found love for the shaw brothers. this soundtrack is amazing. rent the movie asap!


  1. Yeah this is amazing. My girlfriend and I actually called in to a radio station and won free tickets to see this a couple years ago. It will blow any mind.

    Some other great "asian" movies-- just a few off the top of the noggin:

    Horrors of Malformed Men

    School of the Holy Beast

    If you're into Shaw Brothers, check out the One Armed Swordsman. All their stuff is either amazing or hilarious, you can hardly lose.

    Kill! and especially Sword of Doom by Okamoto

    I feel like you'd really like Beat Takeshi's Sonatine, I think it's amazing. Violent Cop is awesome as well. Sympathy for the Underdog makes a good companion piece to those.

    Of course Hard Boiled if you've never seen it. And Street Fighter, with Sonny Chiba.

    Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky is a masterpiece of BONKERS, MIND BLOWING, RAZOR EATING madness.

    But really nothing-- and I mean fucking nothing-- is as great as the Lone Wolf and Cub series. Easily some of my favorite films, ever. Transcendent violence, flawless protagonist.

    Hausu is pretty much unbeatable for weirdness though. Great soundtrack too.

  2. nice! thanks for the share ry, crazy flick! strap thanks for the movie tips.

  3. yr welcome mike! & seconding on thanks for the rec's. will definitely check those out! i really enjoyed boxer's omen which is dope as fuck, & holy flame of the martial world, which is super rad & amazingly hilarious to boot. if you have never seen either of those yr in for a treat!