Tuesday, June 19, 2012

bravo, max! - dmtblues.

some dallas brahs i use to take drugs with. i worked with two of the members, & hung out with the producer separately. the two dudes would invite me to their shows on a semi frequent basis, & i always dicked my way out of it by coming up with some poor excuse. finally i went to go see them, & they were this mid tempo folk rock band with a little too much nmh & beirut showing on their sleeves. a few minutes sounded like a post rock calexico, which i then drunkenly decided to tell them was "THEIR sound man" & that they should just write songs like that. anyway, fast forward five months. i have seen them a couple of more times, & even did a horribly drunk cover of where eagles dare by the misfits with them. they lose their second guitarist, their accordion player, & their third guitarist/multi instrumentalist & gotten a new drummer (the producer from earlier in the story). i went over to the producer's house to hang out with him, & he played me the new demo tracks which i was blown away. it's just raw lo-fi stripped down mid nineties folky indie rock which was the other avenue i was hoping they would go down if they weren't going to desert rock like i begged them to. anyway, i saw them almost every show they played after that for a good month & a half stretch because every time they got better & better. then i went over to jj's house one day, & he played me some new tracks, & they just didn't have the same sparkle as the old demo he had given me. the ones sounded too much like blown out bloozy two steppin' bar rock which is fine for other people, but i didn't dig it. anyway, here is that first demo that jj gave me for y'all. he didn't title the songs, so i gave them the names i always thought of them as in my head when they would play them. i also made the cover art for them. sorry if yr bummed duders. call me!

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