Monday, April 28, 2014

One for jefe, another for everyone else 

 I'll c-c-combo break the homages jefe have been handling to everyone here to grant his well-deserved own.

Hermeto "the Sorcerer" Pascoal is as awesome and old as dinossaurs. He recorded / participated in dozen of releases, between solos, collaborations and one-time projects, such as the ones above. Quarteto Novo was formed as a touring band for a popular singer, Geraldo Vandré. When the tour was finishied, they decided to record an album together -- which I previously shared in the lodge. As the drummer was an acquaintance of Hermeto, he invited him to join the sessions, and almost didn't make in because of his "awkward looks" -- Hermeto has albinism -- according to some manager. Fortunately, he eventually joined in only to record one of the most quintessential Brazilian instrumental albums.

A couple of years later, he would also be invited to join Brazilian Octopus, a supergroup assembled to perform the soundtrack for an ambitious institutional event. Yet another quintessential record, although with a whole different concept. It's hard indeed to believe these two records are only two years apart from each other. I bet my socks you're really gonna dig this one, buddy (email arriving soon).

pw: spooked


  1. fuck yes! that novo record is a burner of the highest magnitude! & i'm so jazzed to check out the octopus record! thanks a million amigo!!!! you are much much much appreciated here!!!!!!!!!

  2. Big up for this and all your recent string of gems. I feel like it's harder to find folks carrying the blogging torch but your site is an essential portal into a secret world of sound. /remy/

  3. thanks a ton for the very very kind words remy. we're just trying to do our small part here.