Friday, April 11, 2014

hang onto each other.

it's no little secret that i absolutely love everything that fahey does, & this album definitely doesn't disappoint.


  1. woah, this is one of the very few fahey albums i somehow missed. nice!

    just discovered your blog. i like your style. thanks for posting a bunch of stuff i have to grab!

  2. hey! glad yr digging the fahey, i had never heard this one before until a friend of mine gifted it to me. such a great record amirite?

    ps thanks for the kind words. hopefully the stuff i have coming up to post doesn't disappoint!

  3. not sure how i ended up at yr site maybe thru the spear. anyway i am glad i did
    i think i have to download everything and read all your notes. how will i ever have time to compose? not your problem. this album in a vinyl fav but i don't have on digital. the recording from burma also will make it soon to my player. thanks for being all over the map i appreciate it alot

  4. @ robert: thank you so very much for the kind words. i'm excited to delve into yr body of work. i feel the same way as you do. i try to focus on making musique, but man it's tough when there are so many records to listen to!