Friday, March 14, 2014

Tapes For Sale!

so this adorable guy got very very sick a couple of days ago & i had to rush him to an emergency clinic (did you know they have emergency rooms for animals? i didn't). he's home with me now & seems to be on the mend (fingers crossed). the bill came out to about three grand, which was my entire savings. soooo this leads me to sell off my cherished cassette collection. most tapes will run between $5 to $10 bucks, with some being somewhere over that depending on how much i had to initially spend to get them. i will be posting a list along with some photos & prices later on today. any help would be much appreciated towards gregg's vet bills! thank y'all for reading this & hopefully i'll hear from some of you soon!


  1. i understand about million dollar cats. i had my buddy thats passed on but he had some issues and the bill was in the $3000s. let me know about your offerings. tapes are one medium i need to beef up in my hoarding mania.

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