Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sex, Lies, and death by synthpop


After listening to the wonderful Sublime Frequencies' Radio Pyongyang, I dug this one up. Yeah, it's one of the bands whose members were executed by the fattie Kim Jong-un -- the singer's ex-boyfriend --, allegedly accused of pornography, amongst other things.

Not much to say about the music, mostly propaganda stuff filled with synth tracks. Enjoyable at times, eerie at others, kinda like a pea soup. I can't recommend enough the aforementioned Sublime Frequencies release, though!

pw: spooked


  1. wut! not otomo yoshihidde, link is fixed, folks

  2. Sometimes I almost wish there is a hell for the sake of scatological scum like roly poly Kimmy Jong-un-fun. Musical Porn Martyr does sound like a rad thing to have etched on your tombstone though. Graci dos friend.

    1. it'd be rad indeed, even though it's very unlikely they were granted a proper grave to start with. yr welcome camarada

  3. I loved that SF release, so many thanks for sharing this.