Saturday, September 29, 2012

i dreamt music.

my absolute favorite sun ra record... beautifully transcendent & a challenging & engaging listen.  again another pastebin find, so thank you thank you thank you to original ripper. i'm in the process of moving (yes this makes two moves in a month) so i won't be posting for the next couple of days. catch you on the flipside brahs.

Friday, September 28, 2012

freedom club.

some paisley jangle pop from the eighties for you to fight the cloudy day doldrums. the rain parade is pretty stellar, & this is their best lp. byrdsy harmonies collide with some c86 pop for the right amount of sunny fun. i could see this influencing bjm fer shure. one of the dudes went onto be in mazzy star if that's a selling point for anyone.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

broadway sam.

The late Larry Young was an organist whose fairly brief career had lots of highs and very few middles or lows. Take this session from 1973 -- his first non-Blue Note date as a leader and post-Lifetime -- as a for instance. It is startling for its fresh look at how the organ is used in jazz and in improvisation, period. On Lawrence of Newark, Young enlisted a host of younger New York session cats who were hanging around the fringes of the funk and avant-garde scenes -- James Blood Ulmer, trumpeter Charles MacGee, Cedric Lawson, and about a dozen others all jumped into Young's dark and freaky musical stew. Made up of only five tracks, rhythm is the hallmark of the date as evidenced by the conga and contrabass intro to "Sunshine Fly Away." Deirdre Johnson's cello opens up a droning modal line for Young to slide his organ over in what passes for a melody but is more of an idea for a theme and a trio of variations. Armen Halburian's congas echo the accents at the end of the drum kit and Young's own tapering pronouncements moving back and forth between two and four chords with a host of improvisers inducing a transcendent harmonic hypnosis. The centerpiece of the album is "Khalid of Space Pt. 2: Welcome." Sun Ra's edict about all of his musicians being percussionists holds almost literally true in Young's case. The soprano saxophonist sounds as if it could be Sonny Fortune (billed as "mystery guest"), but he's way out on an Eastern modal limb. Young's right hand is punching home the counterpoint rhythm as Abdul Shadi runs all over his kit. Blood Ulmer is accenting the end of each line with overdriven power chords, and various bells, drums, congas, and djembes enter and depart the mix mysteriously. Young is digging deep into the minor and open drone chords, signaling -- à la Miles -- changes in intonation, tempo, and frequency of rhythmic attack. And the cut never loses its pocket funk for all that improvisation. It's steamy, dark, brooding, and saturated with groove. The CD reissue has fine sound and sells for a budget price; it should not be overlooked. The DJs just haven't discovered this one yet. Awesome. - some clown on allmusic

seriously can not say enough good things about this album. fucking grooving shit man, just put on & feel yr mind expand. also, not to step on anyone's toes, found this in some anonymous pastebin with no tags, so all thanks to the original ripper/poster whoever ye be.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

in loving kindness.

this is an oldie but goodie. if yr not acquainted with the sheer fucking genius that gary wilson is, immerse yrself in this cat's music. creepy lo-fi funk from the lothario hiding under the bleachers watching you put yr hand up the head cheerleader's skirt.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

the soundtrack to brian shortt walking into central market.

Once again delving deep into their archive of obscurities and long forgotten rediscoveries, Finders Keepers present this 1974 collaboration between French prog-pop star Jacky Chalard (and his group, Dynastie Crisis) with science fiction writer/voice actor, Gilbert Deflez. This album is like a psychedelic radio play, setting incredible French rock music backdrops against spoken passages. As tends to be the case with the best FInders Keepers releases, listening to Je Suis Vivant, Mais J'ai Peur is a transportive experience, taking you to a corner of the musical world you probably never knew even existed, and even if you don't understand the French well enough to keep up with what's going on, the band's soundtrack and the atmospheric sound designs that line the album give you ample cause to investigate this. Expect some great vintage pop songs and instrumental workouts nestled among the narrative pieces too - recommended. - boomkat

more french psychique face melters for the brahs who live in the atx & spend their nights at spiderhouse. fucking jazzed we get to hang out soon dude.

Monday, September 24, 2012

are you gonna look after my boys?

this will probably be the last ciani album i post here. this is her third album... it veers off into new age lite at moments, but it's a really strong entry into her body of work. not quite as majestic or transcendent as seven waves, but still essential if yr a fan.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

parents just don't understand.

even more obscure french outsider psych weirdo vibes. jean-pierre massiera's turn radio on is a fucking gem, & if you haven't checked this out before this will blow yr mind.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

i am yr singer.

Recorded during the same sessions as Gainsbourg's highly acclaimed masterpiece Melody Nelson it follows in a similar avant-garde rock-opera vein. L'Enfant Assasin Des Mouches (The Child Fly-Killer) is a supernatural tale written by Gainsbourg depicting the journey of the young child travelling through a nightmarish "Fly Kingdom". Vannier narrates the story with sparse music concrete sounds coupled with choirs, funky beats, cowbells, wah-wah guitars and ethnic strings. Comparisons could be made with some of Frank Zappa's Hot Rats material and Alain Goraguer's creepy Le Planet Sauvge. -

to continue the ball rolling with more weirdo french psych shit from the sixties. this record is essential, with some really memorable guitar lines soaring out of nothingness & receding into the murky depths.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

holy fuck!

L'un des disques les plus rares et les plus étranges que la France ait produite. De la pop psychédélique quelque peu freakbeat avec de superbes effets sonores et guitares fuzz! Des paroles poétiques, complexes et surréalistes. -

how is tonight the first time i'm hearing this masterpiece? this is some really jammy french outsider psych rock from the sixties that's heavy on the weirdo vibes.

smashing in the face of youth culture.

going to be seeing ariel next week, pretty psyched about this. the doldrums is one of my favorites from him, for kate i wait is one of the best pop songs ever written.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

summer forever: a spookcityusa mix.

finally was able to upload the mix i wanted to share in july with everybody. these are all from albums i haven't posted, & don't really plan to. hope you dig.

1 t.s.o.l. - wash away
2 john maus - do yr best
3 los cinco latinos - maravilloso, maravilloso
4 them - gloria
5 suzanne ciani - liberator
6 dagmar andrtová-voňková - břicho
7 geneva jacuzzi - do i sad?
8 sérgio mendes & brasil '66 - ye-me-le
9 joe hisaishi - ''nausicaä of the valley of wind'' ~opening~
10 sven grünberg - nimetu
11 ilaiyaraaja - హే జమ్కూజమ్మా ముస్తాబయ్య టంకు టమ్మ [ఎస్. జానకి]
12 shawn lee - low riders in space
13 le shok - 122 hours of fear
14 mt. tjhris - reef dimmers
15 woody guthrie - hard travelin'
16 bernard herrman - thank god for the rain
17 first nes commercial
18 charles mingus - solo dancer
19 haruomi hosono - boku wa chotto
20 capsule - sweet time replay (feat. dahlia)
21 domingo cura - mincura (candombe)
22 ennio morricone - una spiaggia a mezzogiorno
23 horst chmela - wir sind ausgeliefert
24 zdeněk liška - malá morská víla
25 jean ferrat - ma mome
26 geinoh yamashirogumi - dark slumber
27 shoko asahara - sonshi's march
28 los trovadores - quimey neuquen

Monday, September 17, 2012

dear friends.

out of towners visiting, will be back online tomorrow with new jams।


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

beneath the waves.

the voice of god singing to you through clouds of flaxen gold wisps & rainbows of the brightest gems in the prairieland of minnetrista.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

that's an atrocious type.

FINALLY AVAILABLE ON VINYL The ever-reliable Johnny Trunk has outdone himself yet again, pressing up and reissuing the previously unavailable Edward Williams soundtrack to the 1979 BBC TV series 'Life On Earth'। According to the backstory behind this treasure, a lucky digger stumbled upon one of the original handful of copies privately pressed up by the composer for the musicians involved with the score। Trunk got wind of this, and as you can imagine became quite rightly overjoyed, as to his knowledge it was never commercially available. David Attenborough's original series was considered a groundbreaking piece of natural history television, and as anyone who has viewed any of the BBC's nature programmes will know, the music always plays a crucial role in the narration and ambience of such viewing. In contrast to the slightly ripe ebullience of soundtracks to todays HD, slow-motion nature-porn, 'Life On Earth' has a rich, and often haunting chamber suite backing, played by a majestic orchestral array of flutes, clarinets, strings and harp with subtle embellishments of Radiophonic electronics. The effect is remarkable still, even without the visuals, but we do have small markers in the titles, like 'Fish of the Sea - Shoals and Loners on the Reef' mirrored by shimmering harps, warbling clarinets and dreamy washes of synthesizer, or the gracefully alien drift of 'Comb Jellies - Gymnopedie for Jellyfish', with Satie-like flutes and angelic harps. It's an overwhelmingly wonderous and magical listen that any fans of Trunk records should be salivating over, while everyone else should really make the investment for the good of your record collection. Amazing. - boomkat.

this is absolutely stunning godtier stuff here.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

pines of rome.

is on this shit! how does that not immediately sell this to you? this is one of my favorite new records, & it will definitely be yrs as well.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

to gil hodges.

this one's for you buddy. i don't even know where to begin with this... i think any description i try to give is going to fall short of the glory of this tape. i got this in a batch along with the two reyog tapes. where the reyog tapes are transcendental vision quests, this is made for the tribal dance floor. i'm sure i butchered the tags, sorry. & if anyone has any sort of information about this, then get at me. i have some more aces up my sleeve that may have to wait for a little bit, but should be on the same level as these. dig it.

Monday, September 10, 2012

the eighth wave.

Sham Palace, the label owned and operated by Sublime Frequencies associate Mark Gergis, presents an amazing selection of intense and driving Dabke - the regional folk dance style popularised to some extent in the west by Omar Souleyman। Not limited to Souleyman's native Syria, this selection spans the Houran region "...a swathe of south Syria and north western Jordan, beginning just below Damascus, and encompassing the Syrian cities of Daraa, Suweida, Bosra, and the Golan Heights। Its populations include Syrians, Bedouin, Druze, Palestinians and Jordanians." It takes in seven stunning examples culled from cassettes and discs found in the cities of Daraa, Suweida, and Damascus, Syria between 1997-2010, predominantly using native microtonal keyboards to play both the rhythms and sampled mejwiz tones - that distinctively shrill, droning and hypnotic bamboo flute cadence - together with vocals drenched in echo and reverb to emphasise their impassioned emotional messages. They range from Ahmad Al Kosem's incendiary warning shot 'Love Is Not A Joke' to the EuroTechno-like arpeggios and pitched childrens voices on 'Mili Alay' by Mohamed Al Ali, through the steppin' torque and whooping delirium of Abu Sultan's 'Your Love Made Me Head Hurt' to an incredibly warped and near-psychedelic wedding celebration called 'Afrah Houran'. For exotic-minded DJs, open-minded parties and clued-up dancers, this is a must-have record!!! - boomkat

straight up face melting party jams right here.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

o l d m o m s - melt jams ep.

i know one half of this group & that dude is a real stand up guy. modern r & b for codeine black outs. i can picture the xerox group from lfm being really into this if that means anything to any one outside of the ten vektroid listeners. call me man we should hang out soon. i owe you a beer.

cola cola.

more of the maestro. i don't know duders... this is good & all, but it has shit that fire star does as well. i would recommend getting this for the third song alone, it's some fantastique beauty. although what do i know? i'm just some dude on the internet.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

the sighs.

Astonishing compendium of late '80s electro-funk and sweetest synth-pop from India (of all places!), issued on Bombay Connection - the label which unearthed Charanjit Singh's equally incredible 1982 acid raga LP!!! After the cherished 'Play That Beat Mr. Raja' LP bowled us out, and Finders Keepers' equally badass exposition, the work of "the Maestro" Illaiyaraaja is again exposed to full sunlight with this collection of 16 mindblowing themes from South India's Kollywood film industry. Crafted from almost entirely synthetic, electronic means, Ilaiyaraaja twisted the same machines which were being used elsewhere in the world to his own agenda, hatching a vividly colourful, eccentrically captivating adjunct to well known electro-funk and synth-pop imagined with bewildering attention to detail and lushly ornate arrangements. If you're only going to check a few of these, make sure to clock Yesudas & S. Janaki's coy, strutting duet 'Disco King', S.P. Balasubramaniam & Lata Mangeshkar's romantic dancefloor symphony 'Valaiyosai', and Anuradha's 'Baby', but you're encouraged to give them all a go! A huge recommendation। - boomkat

cannot recommend this enough. superbly exotique & fascinatingly catchy. the maestro deals in ear worms on this one. i swear you'll be humming vikram throughout yr day fershure.

Friday, September 7, 2012

122 hours of fear.

Zendooni celebrates a time when Pop artists in Iran ruled the country. During the 70s, before the Revolution, Occidental and Middle East mannerisms collided and the result was a new kind of Iranian Pop which incorpotated different genres and arrangements to its Persian roots. Touches of Funk, Jazz, Latin, Bossa, Progressive- Psychedelic sounds and Morricone / Blaxploitation styled soundtracks can be heard on this collection, culled from miraculously survived vinyls and cassettes.

A surreal voyage back to the Golden Age of Persian Pop. A vibrant time when female singers like Nooshafarin, Azita, Pouran or Ramesh appeared in colourful teen mags dressed in full hippie fashion. We are proud to present for the first time to Western ears amazing examples of Persian psych-prog like “Safar” by Hassan Shamaizadeh and “Vi Bafa” by Kambiz ; Persian funk by Azita, Nooshafarin, Emad Raam, Pooneh ; Bollywood styled sounds by Ahmad Wali & Hangama and much more. - light in the attic

i've been really digging this lately. if you were into the rangarang comp i posted before, then get this one folks.

ps i'll be trying to post something everyday from here on out till i get taken down.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

to wfmu with love.

the follow up volume in the reyog ponorogo series. i hope you enjoy this as much as i have been lately.

ps finally have finished moving into my new place & got the internet, so i'll be seeing you cats around.