Saturday, September 8, 2012

the sighs.

Astonishing compendium of late '80s electro-funk and sweetest synth-pop from India (of all places!), issued on Bombay Connection - the label which unearthed Charanjit Singh's equally incredible 1982 acid raga LP!!! After the cherished 'Play That Beat Mr. Raja' LP bowled us out, and Finders Keepers' equally badass exposition, the work of "the Maestro" Illaiyaraaja is again exposed to full sunlight with this collection of 16 mindblowing themes from South India's Kollywood film industry. Crafted from almost entirely synthetic, electronic means, Ilaiyaraaja twisted the same machines which were being used elsewhere in the world to his own agenda, hatching a vividly colourful, eccentrically captivating adjunct to well known electro-funk and synth-pop imagined with bewildering attention to detail and lushly ornate arrangements. If you're only going to check a few of these, make sure to clock Yesudas & S. Janaki's coy, strutting duet 'Disco King', S.P. Balasubramaniam & Lata Mangeshkar's romantic dancefloor symphony 'Valaiyosai', and Anuradha's 'Baby', but you're encouraged to give them all a go! A huge recommendation। - boomkat

cannot recommend this enough. superbly exotique & fascinatingly catchy. the maestro deals in ear worms on this one. i swear you'll be humming vikram throughout yr day fershure.

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