Friday, September 7, 2012

122 hours of fear.

Zendooni celebrates a time when Pop artists in Iran ruled the country. During the 70s, before the Revolution, Occidental and Middle East mannerisms collided and the result was a new kind of Iranian Pop which incorpotated different genres and arrangements to its Persian roots. Touches of Funk, Jazz, Latin, Bossa, Progressive- Psychedelic sounds and Morricone / Blaxploitation styled soundtracks can be heard on this collection, culled from miraculously survived vinyls and cassettes.

A surreal voyage back to the Golden Age of Persian Pop. A vibrant time when female singers like Nooshafarin, Azita, Pouran or Ramesh appeared in colourful teen mags dressed in full hippie fashion. We are proud to present for the first time to Western ears amazing examples of Persian psych-prog like “Safar” by Hassan Shamaizadeh and “Vi Bafa” by Kambiz ; Persian funk by Azita, Nooshafarin, Emad Raam, Pooneh ; Bollywood styled sounds by Ahmad Wali & Hangama and much more. - light in the attic

i've been really digging this lately. if you were into the rangarang comp i posted before, then get this one folks.

ps i'll be trying to post something everyday from here on out till i get taken down.


  1. Every day, huh? I won't hold you to it, but my hat's off to you... these days, I have to work to stay weekly.

  2. i'm going to shoot for the moon friend. i'm always ecstatic when i see that you make a new post. i always enjoy what you put up, so a very warm thank you is in order.

  3. Very kind of you to say so, and I suppose "you're welcome" though no thanks are ever necessary. Or anyway, I ought to thank you for your appreciation, brother.

    Also, thank you for all these tite jams you're droppin. Never let em shut you down

  4. no thanks needed either pal. i just hope people are digging what i've been posting lately.

    & that's the goal, although we'll see. it seems as if we lose more & more good blogs every day.

  5. aw thx qt. yr quite a dreamboat yrself.