Saturday, July 21, 2012

worried man blues.

is a 1977 album by paul mccartney under the pseudonym of percy "thrills" thrillington. the album is an instrumental version of paul and linda mccartney's 1971 album, ram. - wikipedia

i've had this one sitting in my queue for a while now. pretty amazing, even if yr not a fan of macca. & if you haven't picked up the reissue of ram, then i highly recommend it. it changed my opinion of him for the better fershure.


  1. Yeah, this one is super choice. Mccartney is total genius. Check out the "alternate" red rose speedway if you haven't yet, it's got a lot of Ram overspill.

  2. i haven't heard that before. thanks for the heads up! i'm definitely starting to realize what everyone sees in macca. still not as high up there as brian wilson in his prime, but still really fucking good.

  3. The comparison is there but they're really pretty different in their methods. While both incorporate radical experimentation into a "pop" idiom, Wilson aims for the perfectionist, obsessive working method of the classic auteur (occasionally leading to artistic paralysis, or unachievable standards), whereas McCartney tends towards a more elastic practice-- the kind of try-it-and-see, oh-I-like-that, let's-move-on approach used by such (generally collaborative but non-ensemble encumbered) auteur-tinkerers as David Bowie or Tom Waits.

    The main advantage Wilson has on Paul is that his lower creative points were often spent in unproductive seclusion, whereas Paul remains prolific regardless. Also, post-Beatles Paul didn't have the same caliber of collaborators as Wilson (Dennis Wilson, Van Dyke Parks, etc.)

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