Sunday, July 29, 2012

my apologies to all...

for the lack of posts, i have been without the internet for the last week. as a make up gift, i offer one of my favorites from the hippest cat since rilke.


  1. Ah, gone for a week, how long haven't i been gone ...thanks for the Serge.

    Will be posting some stuff at the den, some time shortly. See ya there.

  2. one of my favorite fellow travelers! i haven't seen you in quite some time. hopefully yr adventuring in the sun & enjoying yr summer.

    i have tons more gainsbourg, which i might or might not get around to posting. would you be interested good sir? or anyone else for that matter? if so, it might help with the expediency of his albums being posted here.

    & i am terribly excited to see the next gem you post. i've been needing some new jams in my life. i'll also be posting the follow up to the indonesian reyog ponorogo soon enough. don't know if you got a chance to check that one out?

  3. Well, actually it's raining down here, but no worries. And certainly more Gainsbourg is always welcome. And yes i did check that reyog ponorogo, bloody brilliant! Thanks for that!

  4. no thanks needed buddy. i'm glad to have shared that with people. it's my most viewed post, & also the most downloaded album on here, so it seems to be reaching a few people.

    & sorry to hear about the poor weather. i understand. this is my first summer in seattle, & it has been pretty disappointing to be honest. too many gray days & not enough sun for my liking. then again, i just moved from texas where it was sunny most days out of the year.