Tuesday, May 8, 2012

scenes in the city.

this is absolutely one of my favorite post rock records ever. i bought this right when it came out because it had members of crimson curse & guyver one, two of my favorite bands at the time. i loved the artwork for the cover, & i stared at the record sleeve (this was '99 after all & i was one of those vinyl nerds) everytime i would put it on. the first song golden hill made it onto every single mixtape i made for anyone when this came out. tristeza used clean guitars in this amazingly propulsive ways to build stunning dynamics without falling into the cliched tropes of soft loud soft that many bands like this do. really emotionally gripping, i think the closest might be the mercury program or six parts seven. this soundtracked many hot hazy summertime afternoon naps after i spent all day at the beach.

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