Thursday, May 17, 2012

driving down pch.

chris rouse has been a friend of mine for more than half my life. he is one of the most genuine & caring & passionate human beings i have ever known. his lyrics in this band is what really makes this record special. extremely political from a humanist position, brimming with righteous anger... haha. sorry if you ever read this chris. i have always felt he was a special guy, & this was just the right band for him. the perfect mix of chokehold, trial, & unbroken, some of our favorite bands growing up. it's weird to be posting this because i remember when we were young brahs, & now he has been in this really popular band & toured the world & turned down doing vocals for outspoken. & everytime i come into town he's always the same guy who has time to get coffee & talk poetry with me. anyway, this record is for those times when a molotov cocktail through a window is the only option.

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