Wednesday, March 7, 2018

i don't want to be yr shadow.

been going through miyazaki lately (for what feels like the umpteenth time but there are always details to pick up along the way), got to thinking about how amazing the scores are, got to hunting down more work by ole joe hisaishi & stumbled across this gem. what a beautiful soundtrack, & i thought i'd like to share it with y'all. the main theme has light shades of moments in love (at least to these ears), & the whole thing is really just so very lovely. hope y'all enjoy!


  1. This was my entry point into Hisaishi's work - through Takeshi Kitano- I only found out about Miyazaki later.. Coincidentally with your posting, I just discovered his 1984 "Kichijoutennyo" soundtrack - you might want to look into it ! (they have a nice write up on fondsound dot com)
    It's nice to have you frequently posting again.

  2. Amazing film (and score!) Hisaishi's treatments really make it. Without his tones, the narrative would collapse.

  3. @siphonophoros ~ i will definitely have to check that album out, i've been toying with the idea of doing a mega post of hisaishi, i have quite a few of his albums that i have never really seen around before.

    @mcg ~ i have yet to see the film, but thanks to the fantastic doc bronze, i have a rip of the movie with english subs that i'll be sitting down to watch tonight :)