Monday, September 11, 2017

summer of qualchan.

sorry i've been away, was busy last month. i had these three tapes come out in august. the top one, here, tyrant death. came out on shadowtrash outta boulder, co & is an exploration of the now age dedicated to my dad who has been battling a mystery illness for the last two & a half years. the middle one smoke break vol II is a screwed mixtape of pop gems that came out on adhesive sounds outta toronto. the third, a split with effed. came out on aescape sounds outta austin, tx & is concerned with the ecological nightmare humanity has wrought for all living species, & the never ending war on terror & the ever looming police state respectively.

i'll get to posting albums again soon. hope y'all have had a great summer. wanna give a shoutout to doc bronze for the top & bottom photos, yr one of the great ones my friend.


here, tyrant death.

smoke break vol II.

qualchan. // effed split. 

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  1. My pleasure as ever, old chum. Looking forward to your next sonic missive.