Saturday, March 25, 2017

qualchan. ~ smoke signals reupped.

vol I

vol II

vol III (which came as a companion piece to my tape, ninety nine flowers, which you can still pick up here )

thought some people might like to hear the first three screwed mixes of mine since i've posted volumes IV & V recently. & a huge huge favor. if anyone out there has my age of the shrug mixes or my mountaineering mixes, i will make you yr own mix or make sure you get a copy of the two new tapes i have coming out this summer. thank you so much y'all for five years & a ton of great memories!

a good friend, al boudreau (who designed the cover for vol III & records under effed ) pulled through with vol II of a young person's guide to mountaineering, would love to add all the other volumes of my mixes here for easy grabbing!


  1. Hey man, here are the other mixes:!CZARWIrI!kC9VqYTRq7wPe3jy8gnMtg

    Thanks for doing what you're doing, and I look forward to whatever else you decide to put up!

  2. Hot damn, thanks for that link 'Eρασταρχος!!! Can't wait to get into these.

  3. thank you so much!! it's been a blast listening back to all these old mixes. email me yr address & i'll make sure you get some tapes this summer!

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  5. all these here mixes are the sheeat, dog. thanks a heap. going back and listening to some of the older ones now, too.

  6. Hi! Great stuff! Do you have song/artist lists that go with the mixes? Thanks!