Friday, December 23, 2016

ten favorite albums of 2k16.

like any of y'all care, but for the handful who do, here is my list since everyone else is in it.

1. sauce walka ~ holy sauce
2. go yayo ~ super saiyan yayo 2
3. the field ~ the follower
4. sosamann ~ sauce eskobar
5. effed ~ the outfit
6. sancho saucy ~ sanchie p
7. kaitlyn aurelia smith ~ ears
8. gas ~ box (i know it's not new, but was easily my favorite reish of the year for sentimental reasons)
9. suzanne ciani & kaitlyn aurelia smith ~ sunergy (i know kas has shown up already, but both albums were amazing & totally deserve to be here plus this is my list so fuck you :)
10. fwy! ~ san gabriel

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