Thursday, May 26, 2016

california uber alles.

i have posted about this lady before here, & it's more of the mesmerizing & enchanting jams here.

ps not to get overly political, but while listening to dead kennedys i thought it was funny that a song that was written almost forty years ago is still fucking applicable in my home state. also, kinda pumped about trump being in office soon. all of the best punk records were made under reagan, & we all know what a fucking scumbag that prick was. here is to the downfall of america. see ya at the mixer.


  1. I have been really digging this one. Now you are M.I.A. Hope to have you back soon.

  2. Just to clarify, this is from Korea.

  3. yes kevin kaiser, this is from korea. i am from california. i was commenting on the fact that jerry brown was voted in again as governor after doing a shitty job of it forty years ago. also, who doesn't love eighties political punk?

    1. I think Kevin meant that you had mislabeled it as being from Japan. It's still there, check it out. On another note, it's nice to have you back!