Thursday, March 3, 2016

we will always be young.

how do i even describe this... if delia derbyshire & elaine radigue decided to make a post classical album with elements of jazz... that doesn't even come close to the majesty of this weird gem. cannot recommend this enough!

ps didn't even recognize, but it's been four years already! how time flies eh?


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  2. A truly beautiful gem indeed, and a brilliant tribute to this amazing blog you've kept up through the years. In a time when many have been silenced, discouraged or moved on, you still hold the torch high! As a follower of three years I will never cease to be grateful for all that I have discovered through your generous work and dedication. Peace unto you pilgrim!

  3. thank you ever so much for the kind words! it's cats like you that keep me going ya know? here's to another four years!

  4. So I just bought a copy of this - on the strength of listening to about five minutes of your download here! Gotta love discogs. Been a while since I bought something on such quick impulse, but it really is a phenomenal record. Thanks for the intro to this guy.

    Congrats on hitting the 4 year mark. I've only been going for two months so far ( and I'm starting to wonder if I've got enough material for a year or two.... might have to slow it down at some point or take breaks!

    All the best

  5. thanks alan! i added you to my blog roll, sorry it took so long! i like what you've been doing over there, keep it up my friend! honestly, i had three full mediafire accounts when i started this, so it was pretty easy to get the ball rolling, but now it's more about quality than quantity. which brings me to this album, which upon the first thirty seconds listening, i absolutely knew i had to share it with everyone! so glad you enjoyed it my man, it has been nonstop at my house.

  6. fantastic share - have tracked down more since, a good source being the romanian music resource
    love the blog